Sunday, September 25, 2005

Week Three

At least the Inner Columnist is consistent.

For the second straight week, the Inner Columnist recorded a 7-9 won-lost record, an 0-15-1 final-score record, and chose poorly in the Eliminator Challenge. The tie in the final-score column is thanks to Kansas City's 23-17 victory over Oakland (predicted score: KC 23, Oakland 10) and the missed pick is thanks to Dallas' inexplicable failure - not once but twice! - to cover the deep route while leading 13-0 late in the fourth quarter. Even a Joe Gibbs offense can figure out that when you need two touchdowns late, you have to go down the field. How a Bill Parcells defense didn't figure that out, I have no idea.

This week, the Inner Columnist selects Tampa Bay. The Lambeau mystique is no longer what it was, the entire Green Bay team looks old and tired, and the Tampa Bay defense looks very, very good.

And now, the Week 3 final-score predictions:

Week 3
Atlanta 24, Buffalo 20
Carolina 31, Miami 13
Chicago 20, Cincinnati 14
Indianapolis 24, Cleveland 10
Jacksonville 21, N.Y. Jets 10
New Orleans 17, Minnesota 7
Philadelphia 34, Oakland 17
Tampa Bay 17, Green Bay 10
St. Louis 27, Tennessee 13
Seattle 20, Arizona 13
San Francisco 21, Dallas 13
Pittsburgh 27, New England 20
San Diego 31, N.Y. Giants 24
Kansas City 30, Denver 21

That's all, folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the inner columnist write abut other than football? ;-)


8:35 PM  
Anonymous SunniBrook said...

Will be a unhappy Mothaar household whatever the outcome of the Broncos/icky Chiefs game. But I'm sure in the end it won't be me who is unhappy. :-)

1:25 PM  
Blogger Theodore said...

Rob - yes, once in a while... ;-)

Sunni - so if you pull for the Broncos and Dirk for the Chiefs, then how did the Cowboys and Texas Stadium get involved? And have the little ones started watching football with y'all yet? ;-)

3:00 AM  
Anonymous SunniBrook said...

Told ya I wouldn't be unhappy! :) Whoo-whoo!!

Dirk has been a Cowboys (or Cow-boy-ees as KJ says it) since he was a little kid. So he's just continued that.

And no, KJ doesn't watch football yet. She can watch just the first couple minutes, then she gets bored. Although she does get very excited when someone mentions team, which is the Cowboys...sometimes. One time last year she yelled, "Go Raiders!" just out of the blue and we told her that she could not, never ever root for the Raiders. :)

9:23 AM  

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