Saturday, September 17, 2005

Week Two

Clearly, the Inner Columnist was not ready for some football.

It's not just the 7-9 record in Week One. Nor is it the inability to get up and play flag football last Saturday morning. Oh no. It's the Eliminator Challenge. In which your humble scribe first picked the Giants before switching to the Broncos - more accurately, switching to whoever met the Dolphins.

You probably know what happened. Even my father, a man who has been heard to claim that he doesn't understand why football players wear helmets, since they obviously don't have anything to protect, knows what happened. And was kind enough to tell me. Dad, did I mention the guy on the tomato aisle who looked at me funny? Just thought you'd like to know. I guess you don't hear many primal screams at the Safeway.

(In case you haven't figured it out - Giants won, Broncos lost, Inner Columnist kicked himself. Repeatedly.)

This week, the Inner Columnist selects Dallas. The Inner Columnist isn't sold on Drew Bledsoe in Dallas, but he's a lot less willing to buy Joe Gibbs' quarterback du jour. If Joe Gibbs, NASCAR owner, changed drivers as fast as Joe Gibbs, Redskins coach, changes quarterbacks, Tony Stewart would be back in USAC instead of racing for his second Winston Cup (yeah, yeah, Nextel Cup) championship. Just saying.


This week's picks:

Week 2
Baltimore 17, Tennessee 7
Buffalo 24, Tampa Bay 17
Detroit 20, Chicago 10
Indianapolis 31, Jacksonville 17
Cincinnati 24, Minnesota 20
New England 24, Carolina 17
Pittsburgh 31, Houston 10
Philadelphia 20, San Francisco 13
Atlanta 20, Seattle 13
St. Louis 24, Arizona 21
Green Bay 13, Cleveland 10
N.Y. Jets 27, Miami 21
San Diego 28, Denver 10
Kansas City 23, Oakland 10
New Orleans 24, N.Y. Giants 17
Dallas 30, Washington 10

Last week, the Inner Columnist was 7-9 in picking winners. Hey, in the NFC that's good enough for the playoffs! More impressively, the Inner Columnist was 0-15-1 in picking final scores. 0-15-1, you ask? How can that be? Simple. The Inner Columnist got one team's score right. The prediction for the Jacksonville-Seattle tilt was Jacksonville 24, Seattle 14; the actual final score was Jacksonville 26, Seattle 14. Two lousy points! This may be the highlight of the year in this category.


See you next week!


Anonymous SunniBrook said...

<< San Diego 28, Denver 10 >>

*please to imagine sing-songy, playground tone*

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

*tone ends*

Didn't actually see the game since it wasn't televised in my area (damn TV people who think I want to see the Packers) but my Broncos won. Week 1 was just a fluke. They'll be back on track now.

10:04 PM  

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