Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week Four

At last, a winning week for the Inner Columnist.

After two straight 7-9 weeks, the Inner Columnist went 8-6 last weekend to bring his overall record to 22-24. What's more, he finally earned a check mark in the Eliminator Challenge by taking Tampa Bay, who eked out a one-point win over Green Bay. Hey, a win's a win. And the Inner Columnist managed to go 0-12-2 in picking final scores, running the overall record to 0-42-4. Tampa Bay (predicted to be 17-10 winners) won 17-16, while Atlanta (predicted to be 24-20 winners) won 24-16. One of these days, he's going to get a complete final score right. Maybe.

This week's Eliminator Challenge selection is Cincinnati. The Bengals are for real. How scary is that?

And now, this week's final-score predictions:

Week 4
Buffalo 23, New Orleans 16
Denver 24, Jacksonville 21
Tampa Bay 31, Detroit 17
Cincinnati 34, Houston 17
Indianapolis 17, Tennessee 7
New England 31, San Diego 28
Washington 23, Seattle 10
N.Y. Giants 38, St. Louis 31
Baltimore 13, N.Y. Jets 7
Dallas 24, Oakland 16
Atlanta 27, Minnesota 14
Kansas City 27, Philadelphia 24
San Francisco 28, Arizona 20
Carolina 30, Green Bay 16

Mmm, football...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the idea of a Cincinnati team being real to be frightening beyond belief. The Bengals sucking was as certain as death and taxes . . . .


3:39 AM  
Blogger Theodore said...

Tell me about it. Is nothing sacred?

2:51 AM  

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