Thursday, October 20, 2005

Week Seven

The Inner Columnist wins!

Except when he loses.

The Inner Columnist had a pretty decent week, as weeks go in the NFL predictions business. 10-4 is something to be happy about, good buddy, lifting as it does the overall record to 48-40.

But there is no excuse for picking the Minnesota Vikings in the Eliminator Challenge. None whatsoever. What was I thinking? No more NFC North picks - this week I'm taking Washington.

Now the final-score business...well, you might say that one's experiencing a bit of a boom.

Fourteen games.

Twelve losses.

One tie (courtesy the Houston Texans, predicted 21-10 losers who managed to lose 42-10.)

And one win.

That's right, folks. Your Inner Columnist correctly predicted a final score: San Diego 27, Oakland 14.

So with a 1-12-1 week, the overall tally goes to 1-80-7. I'll take that.

And now, the rest of this week's picks:

Kansas City 23, Miami 13
Cleveland 20, Detroit 7
Green Bay 27, Minnesota 14
Indianapolis 30, Houston 10
St. Louis 24, New Orleans 20
Cincinnati 30, Pittsburgh 27
San Diego 28, Philadelphia 24
Washington 24, San Francisco 17
Seattle 20, Dallas 17
Chicago 13, Baltimore 9
Buffalo 31, Oakland 24
N.Y. Giants 41, Denver 38
Tennessee 16, Arizona 7
Atlanta 34, N.Y. Jets 21


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