Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Week Nine

The Inner Columnist has had a good week.

Going 8-0 in the early games Sunday was fun. Even if he only broke even over the late games and night games, that's still 11-3 for the weekend, the best of the year, and it runs the overall record to 66-50. In the final score department, this week saw a paltry 0-13-1 mark, Green Bay's 14 points the only bright spot - though not particularly bright for Green Bay. That runs the overall record to 1-105-10. And Pittsburgh managed to eke out a win over Baltimore, lifting the Challenge record to 5-3.

This week's picks:

Atlanta 20, Miami 13
Carolina 37, Tampa Bay 13
Cincinnati 24, Baltimore 13
Minnesota 23, Detroit 17
Jacksonville 24, Houston 10
Oakland 24, Kansas City 20
San Diego 31, N.Y. Jets 17
Tennessee 20, Cleveland 10
Chicago 16, New Orleans 7
N.Y. Giants 38, San Francisco 13
Seattle 28, Arizona 14
Pittsburgh 27, Green Bay 10
Washington 17, Philadelphia 14
New England 24, Indianapolis 21

Eliminator Challenge: New York Football Giants.

(As a side note, this is the third time the Inner Columnist has picked the team playing against San Francisco. The 49ers lost both of the previous contests, against Indianapolis and Washington, by a combined score of 80-20. How the mighty have fallen!)

(On another side note, one of these days I'm going blog about something other than football. Really. But this isn't that day.)


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