Sunday, November 13, 2005

Week Ten

From the department of corrections: it was previously reported that in Week 7, the Inner Columnist was 7-7. In fact, he was 8-6. The Inner Columnist apologizes for the error, although he doubts anyone was actually offended. His agent will now speak and make him look like an even bigger idiot. Mr. Rosenhaus, the floor is yours.

In Week 9, for the second consecutive week, the Inner Columnist was 11-3. This raises his overall mark to 78-52, which is a cool .600 in the percentage column. No reasonable explanation for this behavior can be offered. San Diego's 31 points, Green Bay's 10, and Washington's 17 made for an 0-11-3 week in the final-score predictions, bringing the overall tally to 1-116-13. And in the Eliminator, the Inner Columnist went to 6-3 by virtue of the Giants' win over San Francisco. The Inner Columnist has now picked against San Francisco on three occasions. The 49ers have lost all three games by a combined score of 104-26.

This week, however, the Inner Columnist will leave the 49ers alone - primarily because they face an NFC North opponent and might actually pull one out. Instead, the Inner Columnist selects Carolina, who face the hapless Jets.

(Just wondering - when General H.H. Arnold retired, did the USAF then consist of Hapless jets?)

And now the rest of the picks:

Arizona 20, Detroit 10
Jacksonville 24, Baltimore 7
Indianapolis 28, Houston 6
Kansas City 24, Buffalo 17
N.Y. Giants 27, Minnesota 10
Miami 24, New England 21
Chicago 13, San Francisco 9
Denver 28, Oakland 21
Carolina 38, N.Y. Jets 10
Atlanta 34, Green Bay 17
Seattle 27, St. Louis 21
Washington 17, Tampa Bay 7
Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 10
Dallas 23, Philadelphia 20


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