Thursday, November 24, 2005

Week Twelve

The Thanksgiving edition will be brief, as the Inner Columnist’s family has two three-touchdown birds (equal to one Peyton Manning performance) in the oven and that means stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing. The Inner Columnist likes stuffing.

Last week, the Inner Columnist went 11-5, going to 97-63 (.606) overall. Philadelphia’s 17 points put another marker in the “tied” column, and for the second time this season, the Inner Columnist accurately predicted a complete final score: Baltimore 16, Pittsburgh 13. However, the Inner Columnist being a Steeler fan, it was difficult to take much pleasure in that kind of accuracy. Last week: 1-14-1. Overall: 2-142-16.

Seattle’s victory last week gave the Inner Columnist his fifth straight win in the Challenge. This week, the Inner Columnist will hold his breath and pick Atlanta.

And the rest of the picks:

Atlanta 30, Detroit 17
Denver 34, Dallas 17
Cincinnati 24, Baltimore 13
Carolina 24, Buffalo 14
Chicago 21, Tampa Bay 13
Minnesota 24, Cleveland 17
New England 31, Kansas City 28
San Diego 28, Washington 10
Tennessee 24, San Francisco 17
St. Louis 34, Houston 21
Arizona 27, Jacksonville 21
Oakland 27, Miami 17
Green Bay 21, Philadelphia 14
Seattle 24, N.Y. Giants 17
New Orleans 20, N.Y. Jets 10
Indianapolis 34, Pittsburgh 21

That’s it. Happy Thanksgiving!


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