Saturday, December 17, 2005

Week 15 (among other things)

Do you ever wonder when people who work in the mall do their Christmas shopping? Because I do. I mean, I can’t imagine they’re likely to say “hey, let’s go to the mall!” when they’re spending endless hours there anyway. Do they go early? stay late? shop online? Inquiring minds want to know.

I would have asked when I was there just now but to be honest I was more concerned with my own shopping than with sociological inquiries. As I said to the salespeople who asked if they could help me, I just spent all day selling things to people, and now it’s my turn!

A little too much my turn, if you know what I mean, but ‘tis the season, and all that.

And I just want to say thank you to all the cute salesgirls I saw. Even if you did ask if I was shopping for my wife. I must be getting old. Although it did provide a nice opening for mentioning that no, in fact, I’m quite single...

And now to the football you’ve all been waiting for. These picks were made Friday but I didn’t get around to posting them until just now. I’m sure you’re all terribly disappointed at having to wait.

Last week: a season-high 13-3 (134-74, .644); 0-14-2 (2-182-24, Houston and Oakland with 10 apiece); Challenge, L, 10-4, snapping a seven-week winning streak.

This week:

Tampa Bay 28, New England 21
Kansas City 28, N.Y. Giants 17
Denver 30, Buffalo 7
Arizona 21, Houston 10
Carolina 38, New Orleans 10
Miami 31, N.Y Jets 6
St. Louis 21, Philadelphia 13
Pittsburgh 30, Minnesota 24
Indianapolis 34, San Diego 28
Seattle 35, Tennessee 16
Jacksonville 27, San Francisco 3
Cincinnati 31, Detroit 10
Oakland 24, Cleveland 13
Washington 20, Dallas 17
Chicago 17, Atlanta 14
Baltimore 13, Green Bay 10

Next week: notes on a road trip, and blogging from Texas!


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