Thursday, January 26, 2006

If they hold elections, the terrorists have won

Hey, wait a minute...

The wailing has already begun from left and right. How could the Palestinians (these paragons of peace, this nation of terrorists) actually elect Hamas? How could they be so stupid?

Well, because Hamas isn't stupid. While Fatah was diverting aid money into their own pockets, Hamas was spending aid money on actual aid - when they weren't using it to kill the Jews, of course. Fatah delivered endless intifada for its people and Swiss villas for its leaders; Hamas delivered schools for its people and bombs for the Israelis. When your track record is one of delivering both bread and circuses, it's not really a big surprise when you win elections.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. The end of Western aid (if it actually ends) will not really affect the average Palestinian very much. Abdul bin Public never saw any of that money anyway. But it will breed resentment because he will believe (probably correctly) that that money would have improved his life with Hamas in power. And Hamas will feed off that resentment.

Not that they don't have plenty already, but a fresh supply of martyrs is always a useful asset.

Western governments now have a nice dilemma. If they cut off aid money, they have no chance of working with the new Palestinian government. If they continue to supply aid money, they might be able to work with the Palestinians and actually get some help to the Palestinian people, but it will also mean funding terrorist operations against the West.

That sound you just heard was a collective "oh, shit" from the world's diplomatic corps.

Well, maybe they can hope that power will corrupt Hamas just as much as it did Fatah.

It remains to be seen what a Hamas government will look like and what it will do. Don't be surprised, though, if they keep doing what got them elected. Bread and circuses. Schools and bombs.

Responsible government, democratically elected, bent on murdering its next-door neighbor. What a world.


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