Friday, February 24, 2006

Vi elske Danmark

Went to the Support Denmark rally at the Danish Embassy today, along with two to three hundred other people. Good crowd - people from left, right, and center; everyone from human rights workers to a wounded veteran of the Iraq war.

Who is a human rights worker in his own way, come to think of it.

We waved flags, held up our signs, ate Danishes, chanted slogans, and didn't worry about the cold. The media took pictures and did interviews and we mugged for the cameras and explained why we were there. I'm told there were even Danish media types present. Embassy personnel drove by from time to time and we waved and cheered and they waved back.

I have to tell you, I think this is one area where the left is superior. They're good at demonstrations. Then again, they've had a lot of practice. You could tell who the experienced demonstrators were - they were the ones trying to organize chants and come up with slogans. The rest of us...well, we're not used to such things. But we showed willing, and I think we did pretty well, considering.

We'll be better next time.

And yet I walked away wondering if we'd done any good. I hope we did. You demonstrate, you wave your flags and your signs, and then you go home, but the problem remains. How much good is a show of solidarity, really? In concrete terms?

Maybe not much, but I hope that we at least gave the Danes something to smile about today. Vi elske Danmark...we love Denmark. Stay strong.


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