Monday, March 13, 2006


Spring has sprung in Washington, and it's beautiful outside. It happened all of a sudden, too: one day it was just another gray day in the 40s and the next morning birds were singing and it was bright and sunny and 70 degrees. I was up early Saturday morning and it felt almost like one of those spring mornings back in North Carolina when I'd get up for school. You'd feel the morning cool and know it was going to be pleasantly warm and that you'd be playing kickball at recess and that school would be out in just another month or two, so you wouldn't mind going to school, and you wouldn't even mind getting up early and going outside to wait for the bus because it was just so pleasant that you could hardly stand to be inside. And you'd ride the bus and stare outside and maybe crack the window to feel the cool morning air and it'd be so nice you'd go through the whole day with a smile, waiting, dreaming, for those moments when you'd get to go outside, even for a minute. And then you'd ride the bus home and the breeze through the window would be warm and you'd run through the door, give your mother a hug, drop your backpack, and run back outside to play, maybe ride your bike for hours and hours and hours until it was nearly dark and you came home for dinner.

I had planned to write more, but you'll have to excuse me. I'm going to go outside and play.


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