Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One of our vestigial organs is missing...

...The Surgical Department of Norfolk General Hospital regrets to inform you of the death in action of Theodore's appendix. The appendix was lost approximately eight hours into a mission to the emergency room. The rest of Theodore's organs returned safely the next morning.

Woke up Sunday morning feeling poorly, having not felt great for about a week prior. Attributed it to sleeping outdoors on a cold damp night aboard a boat after spending the evening hanging out with several miscreants aboard said boat, one of whom smokes heavily. Continued to feel poorly aboard ship while hunting the fearsome FeOB (iron-oxide eating bacteria sampled from two wrecks in the Potomac River.) Returned to Norfolk that evening, suspected appendicitis or possibly an aggravation of an old hernia, went to emergency room of Nortolk General about 2130 Sunday night. After much poking and prodding, a cat scan revealed no kittens but did show an enlarged appendix. Surgery performed around 0500 Monday. No complications; according to the chief cutter (of a team of four, this hospital being attached to a medical school), who said I had "garden-variety appendicitis." Operation performed laproscopically, meaning three small cuts instead of one big one. Also means I checked out of hospital about 1200 Tuesday. Now rather sore but otherwise intact.

If you are ever in Norfolk and require a trip to the body shop, I highly recommend Norfolk General. Good docs and nurses from ER all the way to departure - efficient, patient, and not just willing but actually eager to explain to you exactly what's happening, what your options are, and what's going to happen with each one. One of the surgeons actually told me, "hey, you're the customer." In a hospital!

So now my biggest complaint is that I'm going to end up missing a week of classes!


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