Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wake Relieved

Time for a shameless plug: my book, Wake Relieved, is now in print and available for purchase.

What is Wake Relieved about, you ask?

I'm glad you did:

December, 1941. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Guam, Malaya, the Philippines. Everywhere, the Allies are on the run. Except on a tiny coral atoll in the middle of the vast Pacific, where a valiant group of Americans - Marines, sailors, soldiers, and civilians - have repulsed the first Japanese attempt to capture their isolated little outpost. But the Japanese will be back. Only the U.S. Pacific Fleet can save them - if it can get there in time. Yamamoto. Kimmel. Yamaguchi. Halsey. The race for Wake Island is on.

I wrote this book a few years back and it's been sitting on my hard disk ever since. The Great American Novel it ain't, but go check it out (there's a preview available at the website) and, if you like it, maybe buy a copy or twelve and help the Inner Columnist go to Morocco.

For the waters, of course.