Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's getting deep in here

I went to a lecture yesterday on the politics of global warming. The professor suggested that one indicator of the seriousness of global warming and sea level rise is that insurance companies are less willing to cover coastal properties.

Which I thought was a bit silly given that he'd just spent the last few minutes talking about how there has been an upturn in destructive hurricanes since 1994. And I wondered if maybe insurance companies were less worried about sea level rise than about those same hurricanes. And yes, I know that some say the increase in hurricanes is related to global warming, and maybe it is, or maybe it isn't. But I do know that, whatever the cause, hurricanes are something of a short-term problem compared to sea level rise, and insurance companies tend toward the short term, that being when they make and lose the most money, because they can always cancel a policy or raise their rates based on the risk.

So on the whole? Not buying it. Of course, if he is right, I'll have to invest in some of that famous oceanfront property in Arizona.

That is, assuming I can get it insured.


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