Friday, August 17, 2007


Well, after seven years I have said goodbye to my faithful old blue iMac, on account of the magic smoke that's no longer in it. Seems they don't work if the smoke leaks out. So, as befits the mobility inherent in this modern age (to say nothing of the needs of the journalistic profession), I have invested in a new MacBook, which is the humblest (that is, the least expensive) of all Apple laptops. Be it ever so humble, it is nevertheless far greater than anything designed by the house of Gates; and I think that while it is at least on paper much more machine than that which it has supplanted, it may not prove to be in fact more. For upon that I have done much, and upon this I have done little - there are novels in the ancient machine, and nothing yet in this one; there is blood and sweat and tears and a whole quarter of my life spent with the blue machine, and not so much as a scratch upon this cover of this. It was a canvas filled; this is a canvas empty.

I suppose I had better start filling it.


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