Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Not that it's been a particular goal of mine, but I've managed to avoid pulling any all-nighters since going back to school two years ago. Come close a couple times, but never had to go a night without sleep. Always managed to get things done early enough - by, say, 2 A.M. - that I could get at least some rack time. I used to pull all-nighters for fun, but I am not now as young as I was then.

Still - are we not men? Are we not young men, strong men?

(Foolish men, desperately behind schedule?)

Yes. Yes we are.

It was the political geography of Australia, and there's a great deal more to it than perhaps I thought going in - surely there must be, else I'd not have left it so long, nor taken so long. Still, it's written, if still in need of final formatting and some graphics - that will have to wait until I can get at a different computer - and I think I can safely say that at this particular moment I know more about the political geography of Australia than most Americans. I even mostly understand the constitutional crisis of 1975, which takes some doing when you consider that it is only slightly more complex than, say, sequencing kangaroo DNA in your garage with nothing more than a magnifying glass and a bit of string. But I understand it.

Go on. Ask me.

Do it quickly, though, because right now I'm running on adrenaline, and I suspect that in about two hours I'm going to wonder why I ever gave up caffeine. And then you're back to roos in the garage.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As it happens, I just pulled an all nighter but didn't have that intention when I sat down w/my work in my lap... it just took longer to complete. When I finished I looked up and the morning curtain of daylight had already been pulled back to reveal this beautiful day :) I'm lucky though, am older, newly retired and so I can configure my day to whatever is going on... who said growing older doesn't have it's advantages????? And there's something to be said about the peacefulness of the night and using this time to be creative and finishing a project.

8:27 AM  

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