Monday, October 04, 2010

The Hunt For Red October, er, Blue and Yellow June

I've been reading Tom Clancy. Sue me.

We are now two weeks into wedding planning and so far I'm amazed at how much Mallory has accomplished. Already she's picked out wedding colors (the aforementioned blue and yellow), a dress (on sale!), and her bridesmaids have picked theirs too. The wedding lineup is more or less set (at officiant, a 6-foot 2-inch minister from Salem, Virginia, number 7, Ben Moore), she knows roughly how she wants to make the invitations, we have a first cut on the guest list, we've started a gift registry, we even have a budget.

All we need now is a date. And for that, we need a venue.

Here's a public service announcement for all those whose friends get engaged. Please do not let the first question you ask be "have you set a date?" And if the answer is "no," your response definitely should NOT be "you need to hurry up and do that, places get reserved pretty early, you know." It stresses the bride-to-be. I present to you my newly-formulated First Law of Wedding Planning:

Do not stress the bride-to-be.

So, no, we haven't set a date, but we're close. Sunday afternoon we visited the Durham Museum in downtown metropolitan Omaha, Nebraska in company with the museum's events person. The Durham is housed in the former Omaha Union Station, a marvelous Art Deco structure completed in 1931, and they do a fair number of weddings there. We decided that we want to have ours there too, so in a day or two we'll pin down the exact date.

Yes, I'm going to be married in a train station.

Yes, I'm aware of the wonderfully multi-faceted ironies accompanying this decision.

No, I do not need you to point them out.

Yes, you may laugh.

(I actually think it's pretty cool - quite independently of all the aforementioned ironies!)

So that's where we are to date. Oh, and one more thing - we have a wedding website up and running. There will be lots of information posted there (and probably here, but there it'll be all centralized and organized) as we gather it. Stay tuned!


Blogger Lennon's Leading Lady said...

I am the luckiest bride to be :-) I love how you still love me, even when I am berated with the dreaded "When's the wedding?" question to the point of being more than a little panicky. I am so excited to hear your voice tonight, I love you!

10:32 PM  

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